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  • HVAC
    Whether in heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration, companies are able to live for different environments or for your place of work as well as providing effective temperature control better energy-saving programs. As energy-efficient district heating and cooling in the continuous development. Regional heat distribution for energy saving and environmental protection has an important significance, the heat has a variety of sources, including fuel oil, natural gas, bio-fuel combustion, and geothermal. Our heat exchanger between the two systems in the realization of an effective heat transfer plays an important role.
  • Power Industry
    For power generation using different methods, the development program of the heat exchange operation of the plant can play an important role. We can fuels, lubricants and wastewater treatment, and provide fresh water to generate solutions to help power plants improve operational efficiency, the company can also help plants in many heating and cooling processes to maximize the use of energy, and to help them take advantage of the abandoned heat and steam to generate new energy, energy saving way to create energy.
  • Heat recovery
    In all fields, every day, a lot of heat as waste heat medium (such as emissions of domestic hot water, bath water, process cooling water, etc.) and the discharge into the surrounding atmosphere, causing a huge waste of energy, because plate heat exchanger low investment costs, high thermal efficiency, the temperature difference between hot and cold media require very low, recovered waste heat can be converted into secondary energy available, and apply it to the warm conditions in the. Heat recovery technology continues to evolve protection of the environment will play an important role.
  • Food and Beverage
    For food and beverage process of repeated heating, cooling, separation, sterilization, UHT, heat recovery step, the company can always provide you with the most appropriate solutions to the heat exchanger.
  • Paper industry
    Papermaking process energy costs in the total cost occupies a large proportion. Reduce energy consumption is to reduce costs, increase profits, an important measure to protect the environment. The company will give you the energy recovery, wastewater treatment, etc. to provide the most economical and reasonable heat exchange programs.
  • Petrochemical
    Heat exchangers for oil production, polymers, fibers, inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, specialty chemicals and consumer products and cosmetics manufacturers to provide the best heat exchange solutions. In oil production platform, the receiving terminal and LNG (liquid natural gas) plant for heating, cooling, condensation and heat recovery and other operations. Energy consumption greater thermal efficiency of its processes is crucial for the chemical industry. Our compact heat exchanger, the energy efficiency is very high, can be used for cooling, condensation, evaporation, preheating, eventually heating applications.
  • Machinery Manufacturing
    Heat exchange program for the company's machinery industry, for example, the automotive industry, hydraulic equipment and compressor manufacturing industry, offering a range of heating and cooling solutions. In order to optimize the reliable operation of the mechanical system, less friction, take away heat generated by friction, long-term operation of the pump in order to extend the life of the pump, the cooling lubricant must be mechanical process, the heat exchange for cooling the hydraulic oil and other help to improve the mechanical properties, reduce wear and enhance the safety of industrial liquids. Effective treatment in the steel industry for energy consumption greatly improve productivity and achieve economic operation, improve product quality is essential. To provide energy saving heat transfer solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the process.
  • Biofuels
    With the intensification of global warming, renewable energy development for each region are very important. Ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-gas development, while ensuring the future energy supply and reduce dependence on oil, reduce environmental pollution, as well as the development of rural economy plays an important role. Ethanol is a fuel is widely considered the future of renewable alternative to petroleum fuels, through the corn, sugar cane, sweet sorghum, cassava and other crops fermentation, distillation is made. For each fuel ethanol production requires heat exchange links, products can always depending on the special conditions provide a reasonable economic solution.
  • Refrigeration and cooling
    In the refrigeration technique, the heat exchanger is indispensable refrigeration equipment as a plate condenser, evaporator, regenerator, and the intercooler and other refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration and air-conditioning usually consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the heat transfer products through technical solutions to complete job tasks at the same time achieve economic use of energy. The production of plate heat exchanger, fully welded plate heat exchangers, semi-welded plate heat exchangers, air heating / cooling with heat transfer efficiency, compact design features. With the continuous development of refrigeration technology, the use of refrigerant also put forward new demands, such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and other natural refrigerants refrigeration system. We always concern the latest developments in technology and industry continue to improve their products so that corresponding.
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